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Emergency Dentist In Brunswick for all Melbourne Residents

Unfortunately, not all dental problems can wait until a routine checkup. From toothaches to broken fillings, you may encounter an issue that causes significant short-term pain and requires priority attention from your dentist. This is not only important to help you eliminate discomfort, but also to prevent any further damage occurring if the issue remains unattended to.

Thankfully, we operate as an emergency dentist out of our Brunswick East studio in Melbourne’s northern suburbs. We manage our schedule so that an emergency appointment can be provided as soon as possible without cancelling any regular bookings, ensuring you can receive the care you need when you need it.

For all emergency procedures, just give us a call on (03) 9380 1204. Our team of Melbourne-based dental practitioners will ask you a few questions to find out more about your condition, so we can get you booked in a timely manner and ensure we fix whatever is bothering you, so you can go back to living the quality of life you had before.

Do you need an emergency dental procedure?

Our emergency service means you can call us when you are faced with pain or discomfort at the most inconvenient of times, such is our dedication to your needs. Our dentists are passionate about providing the highest quality of care to our patients, so you can leave us with a pain-free smile.

Not sure if you need emergency dental work? If you’re suffering from any of the following problems, we’re able to provide the most effective treatment to alleviate your pain and discomfort and get your mouth back to full health:

  • General toothaches
  • Chipped or broken tooth
  • Chipped or broken filling
  • Sport-related injuries
  • Damaged dentures
  • Knocked-out tooth
  • Abscess or swelling
  • Jaw pain
  • Soft tissue trauma
  • Persistent bleeding
  • Pain in the teeth, mouth or gums
  • An accident that has affected your mouth

Our process

Since Brunswick East Dental Studio was established, we’ve kept our promise to our patients that they’ll receive exceptional care to put them at ease and create the results they need. This is the case whether you need an emergency treatment or you’re just visiting for general dentistry treatment.

When you first call us, one of the treatment co-ordinators at our studio will ask you a series of questions to determine the cause and severity of your injury. This conversation will help them understand how urgent an appointment you require and if you’re a high-priority case, we’ll get you booked in quickly.

When you arrive at the studio, let your Dentist know if you feel anxious or scared about any treatments and they can talk you through the options available to you, including sleep dentistry  so that you can be comfortable and at ease throughout the procedure.

You can count on your Dentist to do everything in their power to minimise any pain or discomfort, and ensure you walk away satisfied with our high level of care and attention-to-detail. Before any treatment begins, we’ll talk you through the process and you’ll be able to ask any questions you might have.

What to do if your tooth is knocked loose?

Adult teeth can sometimes be knocked out of place, but it’s important not to panic. If you follow some simple steps, there is a high chance the tooth will be able to be saved. Note that these steps are for adults only and should not be followed with baby teeth. 

  1. First, calmly locate the tooth and pick it up by the crown, which is the smooth white section at the top – the part that is normally visible in the mouth.
  2. Being sure not to touch the root, use milk to gently rinse any dirt off the tooth without wiping or scrubbing it. 
  3. Place the tooth back in its socket as soon as possible because the chances of it surviving decrease with every second it is outside the mouth. To do so, hold the crown and lightly reinsert the tooth into the socket and hold it in place by biting down on a cloth or handkerchief (if anyone else is with you, allow them to reinsert the tooth for you).

Once this is done, it’s vital that you contact our emergency dentist for prompt treatment to get the best chance of recovering the tooth. If you are unable to put it back in its socket, quickly place it in milk or saliva and seal in plastic to prevent it from drying.

Tooth Pain

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You can call us on (03) 9380 1204 for priority care.

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