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Your Visits to Brunswick East Dental Studio

  • Exceptional Care. Attention to Detail.

    Our Philosophy of Care

    At Brunswick East Dental Studio we’re always focused on creating life-long, rock-solid relationships with our patients, built on absolute trust and respect. At the very heart of our Practice is ‘Exceptional. Personal. Attention.’ We love our patients and we love their teeth.

    Our current Practice has been around for over twenty-five years. Thanks to Dr Simionato’s experience and expertise we’ve got a longstanding reputation for dental excellence – and that’s the foundation on which we continue to build upon. It’s a reputation we’re exceptionally proud of, and one we will always stay true to, and part of the reason we’re so excited about serving our patients and their teeth.

  • Your Very First Visit

    There are several ways that you can book in, as a new patient to our practice:

    1) Complimentary Cosmetic Consultation

    If you’d like to improve your smile or find out more about what options are available to refresh your pearly whites then call us about a complimentary consultation.

    Please note that in order to enhance your smile, we must ensure that your teeth and gums are in top-notch health, so if you haven’t been to the Dentist for a check and clean in the last 6 months then you might be better off coming in for that first.

    2) Consultation

    If you have a specific problem you’d like addressed like a toothache, broken tooth, or chipped filling then we can focus on that issue and generally resolve it for you on the spot. Our consultation fee is $82 and you will be quoted at the time for any other tests or treatment that you require.

    3) Comprehensive Examination

    When you visit a Dentist for the first time, you never know what to expect. At Brunswick East Dental Studio, you can expect to be blown away by a wonderful dental experience. We pay attention to details, especially the needs of our patients. We don’t tell you what dental treatment you need. We explain what’s happening in your mouth and you tell us what you want.

    At your first visit, we like to be very thorough and spend some time getting to know you and your teeth so that we can collect all the information that we need to best plan for your short and long-term dental needs. The first appointment takes 1 hour and includes the following:

    • an examination of your jaw joints, glands, muscles, jaw bones and sinuses.
    • an assessment of your bite and the way the teeth function and fit together.
    • an oral cancer screening to check for any abnormalities in the skin inside your mouth or at the back of your throat.
    • a gum assessment to help diagnose any gum recession or gum disease.
    • a dental examination to help diagnose any cavities or decay as well as any deterioration of existing dental treatment
    • 2 screening x-rays to check for gum disease and decay between your back teeth or underneath any fillings
    • a full set of photographic records that stays on your file to help us monitor any changes over time.

    The fee for this appointment is $169 and depending on the findings you may either have a dental clean straight away or you may need to be booked in for a further appointment with our Hygienist, depending on the type of clean you need. There are 2 types of clean- a scale and clean is for patients who do not have periodontal disease or a deep clean (called scaling and root planning) is required when there is periodontitis.

    Some people just want to have their teeth cleaned without having a check-up, however, it is difficult to tell what kind of clean you need unless we assess the gum health first by performing an examination- that way we can perform the appropriate type of clean to resolve the problem. Cleans start at $90 and you will be given a cost estimate based on the condition of your teeth and gums.

    Click this link for more details

    *Please note that sometimes it is necessary to take additional x-rays if there are certain problems that require further investigation. You will be informed about this by your Dentist and quoted at the time. The most common x-ray is called a Panoramic OPG x-ray and the fee for that is $137.

    What happens after I book in?

    You will need to fill out our New Patient Questionnaire. We can either email you the document to fill out and bring in or if you prefer, you can arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment to fill it out.
    When ready, you will be escorted to our treatment discussion area where one of our Dentists and a nurse will sit with you one-on-one to discuss your concerns, dental history, and treatment goals. After getting to know you on a personal level and collecting all the relevant information, you will be escorted to the treatment area where the examination will be completed.
  • If You Need Treatment

    After your consultation and exam, we will discuss whether or not we recommend treatment. Our Dentists will walk through your intraoral photos to explain any findings, suggestions, and determine your treatment goals. If you have any questions, we are more than happy to discuss them with you. Once you have the information that you need, our receptionist will assist you in scheduling any appointments for necessary treatment. We will follow this up with a written treatment plan outlining costs and finance options should you require them.

  • Your Treatment Visits

    When you return for your treatment visit, we do all that we can to make your experience a comfortable one. We will review your treatment plan with you and explain everything that we will do before we begin.

    Here are just a few ways we will make you comfortable during your treatment:

    • Place a soft cushion under your neck
    • Offer you a blanket if you would like one
    • Provide noise canceling, blue tooth headphones that can sync with your music
    • Turn on the TV on the ceiling to any channel you prefer
    • Give you the choice to watch any Netflix show that you like.

Your health and wellbeing is our priority

No matter your age, lifestyle or location, we are committed to providing you with the very best level of care as per your individual dental needs. You’ll feel welcome the moment you step into our clinic and chat with our reception staff, dentists and assistants before getting the treatment you need. It’s this approach that has allowed us to build long-term relationships with so many residents from Brunswick East, North Melbourne, and all surrounding suburbs, regardless of whether they need dental implants or any other form of care.

Request a Consultation

If you need to book an appointment or make an inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or through our online contact form.