Children’s Dentistry

Children’s Dentistry, Brunswick

It is crucial to establish healthy habits at a young age that can set kids up for the rest of their life. Many people think that milk teeth are not important as they will be changed over for adult teeth, however having healthy primary teeth sets up the foundation for healthy secondary teeth as it allows these adult teeth to come into the right position. 

In addition, taking proper care of milk teeth and ensuring your children regularly visit the dentist provides us with a great opportunity to monitor jaw and teeth development, so we can pick up any problems early before they become a serious issue.

Having positive dental experiences as a child makes visiting the dentist a comfortable experience so that there is no anxiety associated with the dentist. At Brunswick East Dental Studio, we are fortunate to have our Oral Health Therapist Jo Purssey look after our young patients. She has a wealth of experience treating children and will ensure your little ones are happy and well looked after.

We adopt a personal approach with all of our patients young and old, so that everyone feels at ease when visiting us. Our dentists take a genuine interest in your long-term oral health and can provide tailored advice, so your child knows how to brush, floss and properly look after their mouth in between visits.

Dental care for kids and teens

We recommend that your child starts visiting the dentist once they turn one or when their first tooth appears, so we can monitor the development of their mouth and ensure they’re comfortable with the experience from a young age. 

The dentists at Brunswick East Dental Studio can look after everything from basic check-ups to more complex cases. Some of our children’s dental services include:

  • Your child’s first visit to the dentist – we’ll give your child the chance to get used to the dentist’s chair and the new environment. Their first visit will usually involve a visual inspection to make sure everything is as it should be. We’ll use a dental mirror to check the teeth and gums, and let your little one (and yourself) ask any questions you might have!
  • More complex treatments – if we notice issues such as decay, trauma or crowding, we might need to carry out more complex treatments on your child’s mouth. We can usually fix common issues with things like fissure sealants and tooth removal. If your child feels anxious about anything, we may be able to offer sleep dentistry services.
  • Braces – most children start thinking about braces at around 12 years old, but we can assess your child’s mouth earlier than this if required. If they suck their thumb or have an overbite or underbite, we might be able to provide an early diagnosis to determine if they will need braces later in life. Many of our teen and adult patients prefer the more subtle aesthetics that Invisalign can offer. 

How to book an appointment

It’s important that your child visits us for regular appointments, which should ideally be every 6-12 months. This helps to not only keep their oral health on track, but also to get them comfortable with being at the dentist.

Whether you’re looking to book your child’s first dentist appointment, a regular checkup or you have a more specific concern, simply call Brunswick East Dental Studio. We provide a high standard of dentistry services in Fitzroy North, Coburg, Northcote, Clifton Hill, Carlton North and other nearby suburbs. Call (03) 9380 1204 to make an appointment for yourself or your child or teen.

If you need to book an appointment or make an inquiry, please don’t hesitate to contact us by phone or through our online contact form.