Amelia Roff

Dental Hygienist

Meet Ms Amelia (Milly) Roff

Dental Hygienist

Milly (Amelia) is one of the dental hygienists who work at Brunswick East Dental. She received her Bachelor of Oral Health from the University of Newcastle in 2008. She started out as a dental nurse and loved the field so much she decided to continue in the field of dental hygiene. Amelia attends many continuing professional development events and also teaches within the public dental system. She received an arts degree with honours from the University of Melbourne in 2016. It is through Amelia’s arts education that she is able to examine health determinants through a broad, social perspective.

Attentive to patient care

Milly is attentive to her patient’s comfort and works well with people who have phobias or special needs. She has a background in general, as well as cosmetic dentistry. Milly approaches her patient’s holistically; her passion is understanding the relationship between a patient’s oral health and their general well-being.

Outside of the surgery, Milly enjoys pop culture and writing, often contributing to the Dental hygienists Association newsletter. She is an avid hiker and can often be found occupying the best swimming spots in Victoria. Failing the, she can be found in the local swimming pool getting lapped by people three times her age!